Mazi was with Lars for one week short of a year. We pulled her from the shelter in April of 2020 as a frantic and scared dog and placed her in foster care with Lars at Gossel’s Dog House.  Mazi is now a member of Angie’s family and is content and loved in her forever home with human, canine, and feline friends.

“It took a little for her to become a dog again.  After that the humans needed to understand her history.   I can’t begin to describe how I feel and how thankful I am to this family for giving her a chance!” Lars commented after Mazi’s adoption.

Mazikeen was the fifth dog that Lars helped us with by providing foster care and training.  We so appreciate his commitment to helping scared or out-of-control dogs find their “best self” by gaining the trust, self-confidence, and manners they so need.


Notice of HSMC Annual Board Election 2022

HSMC Annual Board Election American Legion Macomb

Date: Monday, January 3, 2022 Time: 6 pm


Per Article IV, Section 7, this is notification of the slate of positions along with current nominees.  Nominees will be voted on at the Annual Board Election pursuant to Article V, Section 3.  Pursuant to Article V, Section 4: The Members of the Board of Directors can consist of up to 15 members.  HSMC members are encouraged to participate in the operation of this organization.  Please consider attending board meetings and donating your time and talents to the running of this organization.

Director:  Open to HSMC members interested in helping the animals of McDonough County by donating their time and talents to shaping the future of this organization. The purpose of this Society is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, and the extension of humane education.

Slate of Nominees for 2022

Article V, Section 2: Only HSMC Members are eligible for election as Directors.  No individual shall derive monetary benefit of any kind from being a director.  Currently there are 13 nominees.

Board Positions                        Nominees to Date

Officer/President                           Bonnie Smith-Skripps

Officer/Vice President                   Bill Johnson

Officer/Treasurer                           Terri Hare

Officer/Secretary                            Kate Shattuck

Director                                             Sue Adams

Director                                             Amy Betz

Director                                             JB Biernbaum

Director                                             Felix Chu

Director                                             Patti Douglas

Director                                             Max Kreps

Director                                             Dave Monninger

Director                                             Ann Stites

Director                                             Jennifer Tibbitts

Director                                             Open

Director                                              Open


Humane Society of McDonough County
P.O. Box 7
Macomb, IL  61455