Toby the Senior Cat Needs a Home

Toby is a handsome blue-eyed boy. He is around 12-13 years old. This beautiful boy is neutered and declawed on his Tobyfront paws. He is available at the McDonough County Animal Shelter for a reduced fee. Toby loves attention. He likes children and other cats. When settling Toby into a new home, start with a small space so he can feel safe and gradually open up his environment. Toby still has lots of love and life to give.

Meet the Fosters

Our second Meet the Fosters event will be this Saturday, April 11, at Farm King Supply, Inc. in Macomb from 2-4pm! Ellie will be our featured dog!

Ellie is a flat-coat retriever/chow mix, about 4 years old. She loves being with people, including small children. Ellie doesn’t pay much attention to cats and has lived with them. She tends to be the alpha dog and would do best as the only dog in her household. Ellie is very social and playful and needs to be in an enclosed yard when outside alone. She has great house manners and doesn’t chew up anything that isn’t hers. Ellie is spayed.

Female lab found south of Macomb/Fandon

Female Lab
This FEMALE dog which may be black Lab or choc. lab mix appeared in our yard, jumped right into my car on Easter Sunday April 5thwhen i was in the HOUSE! . She appears to be several years old, no collar, knows how to sit, is very, very friendly and almost needy. She could be around 40 lbs, but she is pretty famished and may have been running a while. She also seems to be house broken. The location is South of Fandon, Colchester, Macomb, Illinois. Please share the information. I need to bring her in to check for a chip as well…hopefully can do this soon.
Thank you for your time,
Kim Sedgwick
Macomb, IL 61455
call or text 309-333-0126

Working Together

The HSMC is a completely separate organization from the McDonough County Animal Shelter, but the HSMC
assists the animals at the shelter by:
• promoting the adoption of homeless pets at the shelter
• contributing $35 toward the spay/neuter of qualifying animals adopted from the shelter
• facilitating rescues from the shelter
The HSMC has increased spay/neuters and saved lives that would otherwise have been lost. We do not believe
a loyal companion should be euthanized simply because: their family could no longer care for them; they were
too old; or any number of other reasons perfectly fine animals end up at a shelter.


Over the last year, as a licensed rescue, we pulled 19 dogs and 89 cats when their two months maximum time was
up for staying at the Shelter, and placed them in foster homes or rescues. The individuals who have opened up their
homes and lives to give these animals a chance to find their forever homes are indeed very special people. You
realize what animal rescue and humane society work are all about when you see how a cat or dog gains trust in her
environment and confidence in herself once she’s in a foster home, or see the smile on a dog’s face and wag of his
tail when he’s with his owner once he’s been adopted. There’s nothing that can beat bearing witness to the amazing
transition of an animal who has been lost or neglected, or left at the shelter for reasons outside its control. We thank
those foster parents and adopters for making this happen.

HSMC 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Yes! The HSMC has been fulfilling its mission for 30 years, thanks to the generosity of our citizens when it comes
to helping individual animals with medical needs and in supporting programs that serve the greater McDonough
County community and its animals. This last year, Balto, the Huskie with heartworm, benefitted from a Facebook
and Ritz fundraiser, as well as from ongoing treatment by Dr. Loop and the loving care provided by his foster
parents. Rosie, the senior Boxer who was at the shelter with a nasty tumor on her eye, had the tumor removed, as
well as a few bad teeth, thanks to Dr. Blakeley, after an article in The Voice raised more than enough money to
cover her expenses.

2015 Wine Whiskers & Whimsy

Save the date for the 2015 Wine Whiskers & Whimsy Event on June 13! Please join us for a fun evening
with hors d’oeuvres, beverage, live music by The Blenders, and our silent auction. A huge THANK YOU to
the wonderful support of our members, friends, and the community for making this such a successful event!

Urgent Plea for New Home for Spunky and Boo Boo

Richard Lawyer is in hospice and his daughters Patti and Shirley are trying to find a home for his two male cats. The cats have been together for many years and Patti and Shirley are trying to honor their dad’s wishes of keeping them together if possible, but also of finding them a home. They both live in Texas, and it isn’t possible for them to take the cats.

The Siamese, Spunky, is around 8 years of age and the orange cat, Boo Boo, is 10 or so. Boo Boo likes to stay inside more than Spunky, who likes both inside and out. They are very spoiled cats and very friendly. Richard, their “dad” loves cats and Spunky and Boo Boo were used to sleeping with him. Both cats are neutered.

If you are interested in giving Spunky and Boo Boo their new forever home, or can assist by providing foster care, please contact Patti Lawyer at 210-275-0572; . Shirley is in Macomb until April 10th.and can be reached at 713-742-3995. The daughters have a short time frame for placing their dad’s cats and are seeking our assistance with these sweet boys.