Cat Found – October 31st in Compton Park Area

PumpkinOn October 31, 2014 Pumpkin was found near Compton Park and Edison School. She came directly to us, very friendly. She has no collar and is not microchipped. She appears very young, under a year? She is orange tabby with mix of gray. Her paws and end of her tail are very unique as it is gray tabby striped despite most of her body being orange. We hope that she has an owner because she is so sweet. We plan to keep her at our home hoping to find her owner but we cannot keep her long term. If she is not claimed, we will need help finding home for her. I think she would be very good indoor cat. She tolerated the dogs but batted at them, now they are both scared of her. We called All Pets and made them aware. Please contact the Humane Society if this is your cat. Email: or (309) 837-5611.

Pumpkin has been spayed and received her rabies and FVRCP shots.


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