Brix-Lindahl Challenge Results

BLC group picBrix-Lindahl Challenge:

Huge Success for the Humane Society of McDonough County

Because of the caring residents in this wonderful community the Brix-Lindahl Challenge was a huge success in raising funds for the Humane Society of McDonough County. Local citizens rose to the challenge presented by our good friends Chris Brix and Tate and Sharon Lindahl. An amazing $10,375.00 in donations was raised between late September and the close of October, 2015. These funds will be used to directly help animals in need in McDonough County.

In fall of 2014, Chris came to the HSMC with a clever idea of proposing a challenge to the community to raise funds for the HSMC. He offered to match up to $1,000.00 in donations made during a given period. This year he generously offered to repeat the challenge and his gift of $1,000.00 in matching funds. This was amazing. And things got even more exciting when fellow animal-lovers Tate and Sharon Lindahl “doubled up” the challenge by generously offering and additional $1,000.00 in matching funds raised by this year’s challenge. The idea, once again, caught fire. Our local media venues immediately gave their fantastic support of this community event. Their amazing support was instrumental in its success. They helped us reach an enormous number of people. And, once again, the generous support of our community members was awe-inspiring. Our citizens’ generosity was tremendous and will directly help animals in need in McDonough County in many positive ways. It is so impressive to see what the caring residents in this area can do to make a difference. We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated in the Brix-Lindahl Challenge. The results are proof that a spark can create a fire that is truly heart-warming.

The Humane Society of McDonough County is a 100% volunteer organization with a vision to provide humane care and treatment for all animals in McDonough County. Through a variety of initiatives the HSMC strives to assist animals without owners, those in need of medical intervention and spay/neuter procedures and provide education and assistance on the humane treatment of animals. Because of the amazing generosity of Chris Brix, Tate and Sharon Lindahl, our area media sources and our wonderful members and friends the HSMC will be able to continue and expand its important work to help area animals in need. We sincerely thank everyone who took part in the Brix-Lindahl Challenge this year.

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