Urgent Plea for New Home for Spunky and Boo Boo

Richard Lawyer is in hospice and his daughters Patti and Shirley are trying to find a home for his two male cats. The cats have been together for many years and Patti and Shirley are trying to honor their dad’s wishes of keeping them together if possible, but also of finding them a home. They both live in Texas, and it isn’t possible for them to take the cats.

The Siamese, Spunky, is around 8 years of age and the orange cat, Boo Boo, is 10 or so. Boo Boo likes to stay inside more than Spunky, who likes both inside and out. They are very spoiled cats and very friendly. Richard, their “dad” loves cats and Spunky and Boo Boo were used to sleeping with him. Both cats are neutered.

If you are interested in giving Spunky and Boo Boo their new forever home, or can assist by providing foster care, please contact Patti Lawyer at 210-275-0572; p.lawyer@me.com . Shirley is in Macomb until April 10th.and can be reached at 713-742-3995. The daughters have a short time frame for placing their dad’s cats and are seeking our assistance with these sweet boys.


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