Animal Shelter Adoptions

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For the animals coming through the McDonough County Animal Shelter, heartworm tests and some initial vaccinations, including Bordetella and Distemper, are provided. These are important initial steps to ensure healthy animals but keep in mind if you are considering adopting from the Shelter, you will need to complete the following:

  • Have your pet examined by a veterinarian and arrange for any remaining vaccinations to be completed.
  • Pets older than 4 months must have a rabies vaccination and registration with the county. This is state law.
  • Have your pet’s stool analyzed for parasites and treated as needed.
  • Begin heartworm prevention immediately. A second heartworm test in 6 months is recommended.
  • Arrange for spay/neuter, if not already done. This is part of your contract with the Shelter.

Humane Society Adoptions

The HSMC is a licensed rescue with the State of Illinois with foster homes established to provide care for the rescued animals. During the 2013-2014 licensing year, the HSMC adopted out 65 cats and 13 dogs through this program!

Cats and dogs are allowed to remain at the shelter for 8 weeks to be reclaimed or adopted. Then the HSMC has two weeks in which to rescue the animals before they are euthanized.

Adopters of HSMC rescues that have been living in foster homes find the animals make a smooth transition since they have been socialized. They have the opportunity to learn more about the animal from the foster parents, facilitating a good choice for a new pet. Foster parents also have the option of becoming the adopter of the animal for which they have provided care.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering an HSMC Adoptable, please contact the Humane Society by email at:

Learn more about becoming a foster parent.

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