Reporting Abuse or Neglect

In McDonough County, contact the McDonough County Animal Control Officer, 837-2989, and/or the McDonough County Sheriff at 309-833-2323. It’s important to provide the Animal Control Officer or Law Enforcement Officer with a concise, written, factual statement of what you observed, giving dates and times whenever possible. If possible:

  1. Keep a diary of the incidents you observe including dates, times, observations, and anyone else with you during these incidents (for corroboration).
  2. Photograph or video tape the location, the animals in question and the surrounding area. However, please do not put yourself in danger! Do not enter another person’s property without
    permission, and exercise great caution around unfamiliar animals who may be frightened or in pain.
  3. If you can, provide law enforcement with the names and contact information of other people who have firsthand information about the abusive situation. Remember, when you report animal cruelty, it’s a good idea to keep a careful record of exactly whom you contacted, the date of the contacts, copies of any documents you provided to law enforcement or animal control, and the content and outcome of your discussion. This will make following up much easier.

View the ASPCA’s Tips for Determining and Reporting Abuse (pdf)

If the situation persists, please contact our Humane Society.

Lost and Found Pets

Things you can do to find your pet or reunite a lost pet with his owner.

  1. Post information about the lost or found pet on the Humane Society’s Facebook Page.  Please include the following: a full description of pet (species, size, color, sex), name, collar, when and where pet was lost, and a picture if possible.
  2. Contact the McDonough County Animal Shelter: 101 East Tower Road (Tower Rd off Highway 67 North) • Macomb, Illinois • Monday thru Friday: 11am – 5pm • Saturday: 10am – noon • (309) 837-2989 •
  3. If you have found a stray, try to have it checked for a microchip. This can be done at your vets office or at the shelter. See list of Veterinary Services below.
  4. Run an ad in the local newspapers and notify local radio stations.
  5. Check with the local vets to see if someone has brought in an injured animal.
  6. Flyers with a picture of your pet are also a great way of getting people to look.

Pets can be missing for weeks and still be found, so don’t give up!

Keep in mind, if this lost animal was actually your beloved pet, wouldn’t you want the person who found him to try everything possible to find you?

McDonough County Veterinary Services

All Pets Veterinary Clinic
722 W. Jackson Street | Macomb, IL 61455
(309) 833-2365

Animal Medical Center
823 E. Jackson | Macomb, IL 61455
(309) 833-5960 | (800) 479-8387

Bushnell Veterinary Service
Junction Routes 9 & 41 | Bushnell, IL 61422
(309) 772-2411 | Emergency: (800) 671-9493

West Central Illinois Spay/Neuter Services

Animal Protective League
1001 Taintor Road | Springfield, IL 62702
(217) 544-PETS (7387) | (217) 789-SPAY (7729)

Friends of Animals
(800) 321-7287 |

Knox County Humane Society/Prairieland Animal Welfare Center
1855 Windish Drive | Galesburg, IL 61401 | (309) 342-1275

Peoria Humane Society
2600 North East Perry Avenue | Peoria, IL 61603
(309) 682 9015

Quincy Humane Society
1705 N. 36th St | Quincy, IL 62305 | (217) 223-8786

Spay Illinois

Obedience Training

Danette Phelps Canine Training
(309) 458-6484 | (309) 255-2572 |

Jody L. Loop, Trainer | (309) 333-2855

Area Boarding

Boxer Country Kennel
2177 E Locust Lane | Table Grove, IL | (309) 758-5180

Dawg Haus
11068 N. 950th Road | Macomb, IL 61455 | (309) 836-3333

Gossel’s Dog House
Boarding and Day Care
21300 E 1100 St | Good Hope, IL 61438 | (309) 333-8095

Hickory Kennels
West Adams Road | Macomb, IL 61455 | (309) 833-1221

14020 N 1150th Rd | Macomb, IL 61455 | (309) 837-7297

Raptor Rehabilitation

2522 Locust | Quincy, IL 62301 | (217) 228-1982 |

Wildlife Encounters

The Animal Control Officer at the Shelter is not licensed to handle or trap wildlife (Bats, Coons, Opossums, Squirrels, etc). They will provide live traps for people to use. There is a refundable deposit of $10. Or you can contact the McDonough County Sheriff’s Office, 833-2323. Here is a listing of specialists that will handle wildlife for a fee:

Illinois, Western region (Carthage): Beth and Candy Munger, licensed home wildlife rehabilitators. Call 217-357-3193

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Sandy’s Sanctuary: 217-322-6066

Removal – Discount Wildlife Service: 877-397-2287

Removal – Swegle Creek Wildlife Nuisance Control: 309-486-3536 or 309-337-5987

Miscellaneous Links

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