Lost & Found Pets

Things you can do to find your pet or reunite a lost pet with his owner.

  1. Post information about the lost or found pet on the Humane Society’s Facebook Page.  Please include the following: a full description of pet (species, size, color, sex), name, collar, when and where pet was lost, and a picture if possible.
  2. Contact the McDonough County Animal Shelter: 101 East Tower Road (Tower Rd off Highway 67 North) • Macomb, Illinois • Monday thru Friday: 11am – 5pm • Saturday: 10am – noon • (309) 837-2989 • mcas@macomb.com
  3. If you have found a stray, try to have it checked for a microchip. This can be done at your vets office or at the shelter. View a list of Veterinary offices on the resource page.
  4. Run an ad in the local newspapers and notify local radio stations.
  5. Check with the local vets to see if someone has brought in an injured animal.
  6. Flyers with a picture of your pet are also a great way of getting people to look.

Pets can be missing for weeks and still be found, so don’t give up!

Keep in mind, if this lost animal was actually your beloved pet, wouldn’t you want the person who found him to try everything possible to find you?

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