The Brix Challenge 2020 Results

The Brix Challenge 2020 shattered the record of all 6 previous years’ challenges, bringing in $18,847.00.  That’s amazing and it’s because of this wonderful community. For the seventh year animal-lovers in our area rose to the challenge presented by our good friend, Chris Brix, who promised to match $1,000.00 in funds raised from late September through the month of October.  This year’s need has been greater than ever, with assistance to animals higher than normal and our ability to continue many fundraisers this year severely limited due to COVID-19.  We asked our supporters to make this a record-breaking year for TheBrix Challenge, and they did.  We truly appreciate them coming forward to make this fundraiser such a huge success, especially during the difficult times we are currently in.

The generous gifts received during this year’s Brix Challenge will makethe world a better place for many animals in need in McDonough County through HSMC initiatives. A few of those include:

1) PROMOTING ADOPTIONS of cats and dogs at the McDonough County Animal Shelter via weekly posters, social media, news outlets and sponsorship; promoting adoptions of hard-to-place animals through reduced adoption fees and/or medical intervention, for example.

2) SPONSORSHIP AND FOSTER of those animals that don’t get adopted from the McDonough County Animal Shelter by moving those animals whose time is running out at the shelter into foster homes where they can live in a family and enjoy socialization while awaiting their forever home.

3) REDUCING OVERPOPULATION through two separate spay/neuter programs.  One serves to promote adoption of animals at the shelter by subsidizing the cost of altering animals adopted from the shelter. The other is a partnership with the Quincy Humane Society that provides transportation and spay/neuter for barn/feral cats at no cost to the caretaker.  If space is available companion dogs and cats may take advantage of this for a nominal fee.  

4) PROVIDING MEDICAL CARE to shelter and county animals in emergency situations through the discretionary use of our long-standing “Angel Fund.”

5) HELPING KEEP ANIMALS IN THEIR HOMES and with their families when they meet with financial distress via the Pet Food Pantry and discretionary use of the “Angel Fund.

Because of the overwhelming generosity of Chris Brix and Brix Challenge supporters, our wonderful members and friends, local businesses and our area media sources the animals in need in McDonough County will benefit in many positive ways.  Our most sincere “Thank You” for choosing to be a part of that.

Buddy the Labradoodle

Buddy the labradoodle

New home being sought for 3 1/2-year-old labradoodle. He’s loving to his family, but also very protective and territorial. For this reason, we feel it would be best if he were not living in town. He has bit when strangers have put their hand through our fence and once when a visitor came over. He also killed a neighbor’s cat. Maybe a home in the country would better suite him. He naps most of the morning and gets energetic later in the day, when he usually wants to chase a ChuckIt wheel or catch a soft frisbee. He’s smart and knows commands like sit, down, shake, come, heel, out (to drop something), and he won’t enter the house without a whistle. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and healthy according to recent exam. He’s around 60 lbs. If interested, please text 309-255-5431. 

FREE Barn Cats

Free barn cats 6 miles south of Macomb.  Owner passed away and new owner takes possession Nov. 1.  There are 20 well fed cats who need new homes as soon as possible! Please bring carriers. Call Kay 309-252-0524. Responsible people only.

Brix Challenge 2020

The Humane Society of McDonough County (HSMC) is excited to kick off this year’s seventh annual Brix Challenge.  Although Chris and his sidekick, PeeWee, have moved to Alabama, their hearts are still in Macomb with the community and the HSMC. Once again Chris has promised to match $1,000.00 in donations to the HSMC that are received between now and October 31, 2020.

Due to tremendous community buy-in over the past six years the Brix Challenge has been the leading fundraiser for the HSMC, allowingus to continue our assistance for animals in need in McDonough County. No donation is too small.  Every dollar donated impacts an animal’s life.   

This year our need is greater than ever.  We are hoping this year’s Challenge results will be bigger than ever as well.  COVID-19 has made it necessary to cancel or postpone our traditional annual fundraisers indefinitely.  This has had a direct impact on our revenue stream despite the fact that the need for assistance for many animals and pet owners has actually increased.  Continuing to operate at the level of assistance needed is a challenge itself.  We hope you will join us this year. 

Your contribution to this year’s Brix Challenge will directly support the HSMC’s ongoing initiatives including:

  • Promoting adoption of cats and dogs at the McDonough County Animal Shelter;
  • Sponsoring and fostering those Shelter animals that need more assistance in finding homes.
  • Reducing cat overpopulation in the County via the spay/neuter program;
  • Continuing enhancements for the comfort of the animals at the animal shelter;
  • Providing medical care to Shelter and County animals in need; and
  • Helping pet owners struggling to keep their pets at home via the Pet Supply Pantry.

The HSMC is a 100% volunteer, State of Illinois not-for-profit organization and a qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, supported entirely by donations and gifts. While much of our work supports the McDonough County Animal Shelter and the animals there, we function as a separate entity from the County-administered shelter.  Our various efforts to help animals in need are the same whether those animals are at the county animal shelter waiting for a forever home, living with their families, or are in need for another reason.We value our partnership with the community members of McDonough County and the support demonstrated by its citizens during our various fund-raising efforts.  We are committed to furthering our vision to provide humane care and treatment for all cats and dogs in the county, and need continued financial support to do so.

We have also made a commitment to raise the substantial sum needed for a new County Animal Shelter to replace the current facility which was built in the early 1980s.  The Shelter Building Campaign will be a fundraising endeavor separate from our efforts to maintain our annual operating budget crucial to supporting HSMC programs and initiatives. 

Join the 2020 Brix Challenge.  This year we need you more than ever and so do the animals whose lives you will touch.  Your generosity counts so much! 

Tax-deductible donations to may be sent to:

                                                The Brix Challenge 2020

                                                Humane Society of McDonough County

                                                PO Box 7                               

                                                Macomb, IL 61455Or by using the PayPal option on the Humane Society website at


Harley, an Australian Shepherd mix, came to the shelter in June 2019.  The 3-year old girl was scared and untrusting after her owner had moved and left her home alone.  After a couple of months stay at the shelter, she was better, but still not comfortable nor trusting.  The HSMC rescued her and placed her in foster care with Lars Gossel at Gossel’s Doghouse.  And there she thrived.  Harley became confident; loved playing with other dogs; and learned that she could trust people.  In late October she found her forever home with Kendall and Carly.  In late September, 2020 they reported: “Harley has been amazing since day one. She has so much personality and absolutely loves her naps. Apart from feeling like she owns our kingsize bed she is a great companion. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year already and cannot wait for many more. Thank you!”