2023 Brix Challenge Results

The Brix Challenge 10 Year Anniversary

Great results for the Humane Society of McDonough County


For ten years Chris Brix has challenged others to join him in raising funds for the annual operational costs of the HSMC during the month of October. Each challenge has been met with enormous support, and this year’s Brix Challenge was another huge success. That means great things for many animals in need in McDonough County.

Thanks to fantastic support, this year’s Brix Challenge raised an amazing $21,000.00 for the HSMC’s annual operating costs. This is so exciting! All of the funds raised will be used directly to help the animals we all care so much about. The success of this year’s challenge will allow the HSMC to continue many ongoing services and programs to animals and pet owners and to continue providing direct support to the county-run McDonough County Animal Shelter, as well.

Regional media venues helped us reach a large number of people again this year. With their support, and that of members and friends, local businesses, mailings, social media and word of mouth, The Brix Challenge 2023 gained early momentum that never slowed down. We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated in any way.

It’s difficult to express how much this kindness is appreciated or to explain the positive effect it will directly have on the animals whose lives it will touch. To everyone who became a part of this challenge, our most sincere thanks.

The ongoing work of providing for animals in need requires significant funds and energy, and costs increase significantly each year. The Brix Challenge is the only major fundraiser that designates funds specifically for the HSMC’s extensive yearly operational expenses.

The HSMC is also committed to raise the substantial sum needed for a new McDonough County Animal Shelter to replace the current facility, which was built in the 1980’s and is in need of being replaced. The new building is estimated to cost over $1,000,000.00. The “Shelter Campaign” fundraising endeavors are separate from the annual operating budget, which is crucial to maintain the HSMC’s ongoing programs and initiatives.

The generosity of Chris Brix and those who participated in this year’s Brix Challenge will make the world a better place for many animals in McDonough County. The Humane Society of McDonough County members and supporters work tirelessly on a daily basis to fulfill their commitment to provide humane care and treatment for all cats and dogs in our county through many ongoing initiatives.

HSMC assistance to animals at the McDonough County Animal Shelter includes:

-promoting adoptions
-providing sponsorships
-a rescue/foster/adoption program
-providing emergency medical assistance
-assisting with care and socialization of animals while they are at the shelter, and more.

Other ongoing HSMC initiatives helping animals in need and struggling pet owners include spay/neuter transports and programs, the discretionary use of “Angel” emergency medical funds, a pet food pantry and much more.

The Humane Society of McDonough County is an all-volunteer organization, 100% dependent on donations and gifts. Our vision is to provide humane care and treatment for animals in McDonough County. While much of our work supports the McDonough County Animal Shelter and the animals there, we function as a separate entity from the county-administered shelter. All contributions to the HSMC go entirely toward improving the lives of animals in our community and those at the county animal shelter.

We sincerely thank everyone who supported The Brix Challenge this year and for the confidence shown for the hard work of the HSMC. Its success reminds us, once again, that one person’s great idea, shared with others, can create a reality of positive difference.


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