Brix Challenge 2023 – Final Week

Humane Society’s Brix Challenge Hoping for a Big Finish


This year’s Brix Challenge is approaching the finish line as the month of October comes to an end. For those who have contributed in any way to this year’s challenge, our most sincere thanks. Because of the fantastic support of this HSMC fundraiser over the past 9 years (individual, media, business support and more) the Brix Challenge has become the largest single source of fundraising for the HSMC’s annual operating costs. That translates directly into happier lives for many animals in McDonough County who will benefit from its success.

NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. All Brix Challenge donations raised during the month of October will be used directly to save lives and help animals in need.

The Humane Society of McDonough County (HSMC) is a 100% volunteer organization supported entirely on donations and gifts. While much of our work supports the county-run animal shelter we are a separate entity from the county animal shelter (MCAS). HSMC members, volunteers, and supporters work tirelessly to help animals in McDonough County and their families. The

HSMC is committed to furthering our vision to provide humane care and treatment for all cats and dogs in the county and rely on continuous financial support to do so.

Becoming a part of the Brix Challenge is easy. You can help by sharing the details of this important fundraiser with friends and family, spreading the word through your social media, and/or sending your tax-deductible donation to:

“The Brix Challenge 2023”
Humane Society of McDonough County
PO Box 7
Macomb, IL 61455

You may also use the PayPal or Venmo options on the HSMC website at

Please help us reach the finish to this year’s Brix Challenge with another huge success. Together we can do so much to help the animals we all care so much about. Thank you so much.

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