Brix Challenge HalfWay Point – an Update


Humane Society’s Brix Challenge is Going Great: An Update


As you may know the Brix Challenge is the easiest way to save lives and help animals in need in our county.  All Brix Challenge donations raised during the month of October will be used toward the annual operational costs of the HSMC ($40,000-$50,000/year).  These funds are essential for the HSMC to continue providing its many services to animals in need and their families, as well as supporting McDonough County’s animal shelter in many ways.

We are almost halfway through October and so far the BC23 is going great.  Please help keep the momentum going throughout the month.  This event has an enormous impact on many animals needing help. We know you can make this challenge another great success.   

If you have already joined the BC23, Thank you so much!  We truly appreciate your generosity and support.  You may also help by sharing the details of this important challenge with others through word of mouth and/or your social media.

NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL TO HELP and all funds raised will be used directly to help animals in our county.  The Brix Challenge:

  • designates 100% of the funds raised to the ANNUAL OPERATING COSTS of the HSMC for daily ongoing needs.
  • allows the HSMC to PROVIDE DIRECT SUPPORT to the MCDONOUGH COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER on an ONGOING BASIS.  Although the McDonough County Animal Shelter (MCAS) is run by the county (not the Humane Society of McDonough County) a large portion of the HSMC’s tireless work is devoted to support the county-run animal shelter.  Assistance to animals at the MCAS include:  Promoting adoptions, providing sponsorships, a rescue/foster/adoption program, providing emergency medical assistance, assisting with care and socialization of animals while they are at the shelter, enhancements for the comfort of the animals at the shelter and more.
  • allows the HSMC to PROVIDE MANY SERVICES TO ANIMALS & PET OWNERS ON AN ONGOING BASIS. Those initiatives include spay/neuter transports and programs, the Angel emergency medical fund, a pet food pantry and so much more.
  • is an ENORMOUSLY SUCCESSFUL each year due to GENEROUS friends like YOU.       

To be a part of the “Brix Challenge 2023” please send your tax-deductible donations to: 
“The Brix Challenge”
Humane Society of McDonough County
PO Box 7
Macomb, IL 61455

You may also use the PayPal or Venmo options on the HSMC website at  Together we can make a difference in the lives of many animals in need. 

Note: The HSMC is a 100% volunteer organization supported entirely on donations and gifts. While much of our work supports the county-run animal shelter we are a separate entity from the county animal shelter.  We are committed to furthering our vision to provide humane care and treatment for all cats and dogs in the county and rely on continuous financial support to do so.


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