Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies

IMG_0067Missy was left at the shelter in mid July because her family had to leave the country.  She suffered from degenerative myelopathy which had left her hind quarters paralyzed.   The HSMC sought assistance from the public to get her out of the shelter and into a home where she could receive care and live in relative comfort and security.

John Biernbaum (JB), a HSMC board member, quickly responded.  He understood that the shelter was not the place for her and that she was to be euthanized because of her lack of quality life.  We knew that her prognosis was dire, but wanted to give her at least a few days of love, comfort, and happiness in a hospice-like setting.  And that’s exactly what JB did.  He slept with her on the floor, carried her outside to the bathroom, and gave her round-the-clock love and attention.

After what could be called a Dog’s Make a Wish Weekend, we accepted the fact that Missy required 24 hour care and attention, and that her prognosis was not good with the disease progressing rapidly.  We wanted her to pass over the Rainbow Bridge while feeling happy and loved, not scared and further impaired.  Dr. O’Neill and All Pets staff came to JB’s house after Missy had had the morning to lay in the sunshine, watching the birds and squirrels while eatingIMG_0074 an egg-sausage biscuit and a doughnut, surrounded by people who had quickly grown to love her and respect her patience and dignity.  Dr. O’Neill was gentle and compassionate, both with Missy and those of us present.

Thank you JB for demonstrating such generous devotion and love to a dog whose life was destined to be cut much too short.  It wasn’t an easy task.  Missy passed, with strong arms wrapped around her, hearing soft voices filled with love.

 RIP Missy.  Your sweet soul blessed us all.

Bonnie Skripps, HSMC President

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