What Your Support Accomplishes

  • Promoting cat and dog adoption at the McDonough County Animal Shelter (MCAS). During 2021, 113 dogs and 170 cats were adopted from the MCAS, due in large part to the effective partnering of the shelter with the HSMC and community in caring for and finding homes for animals that end up at the shelter.  The HSMC publicizes adoptable shelter pets through posters and social media, and advocates for the health and wellness of the shelter pets by raising funds for Medical Care, Cat Vaccines, and Sponsorships of adoption fees.  Medical Care covers a wide range of issues including disease, debility, and injuries.  In 2021, $1,696 was used to treat 2 dogs who tested positive for heartworm.  $1,143 went toward Cat Vaccines to help prevent the spread of transmissible disease. And $7,496 went toward Sponsorships of adoption fees, either fully or partially, of 97 cats and dogs.  We also rescued 2 dogs and 1 cat and placed in foster care to give them extra attention and care in order to transition to their forever home.
  • Reducing the overpopulation of cats and dogs via two separate spay/neuter programs. In 2021, the HSMC sponsored 10 Quincy Spay/Neuter Transports resulting in 209 cats altered and vaccinated at the Quincy Humane Society.  The HSMC paid $25/cat for an annual cost of $5,225.  The other spay/neuter program is in conjunction with the McDonough County Animal Shelter. In 2021, the HSMC contributed $7,385 to subsidize the Spay/Neuter of 211 cats and dogs adopted from the shelter.
  • Helping to keep pets in their homes and with their families via the Pet Food Pantry and Angel Fund. In 2021, the HSMC contributed $2,211 toward the Angel Fund as per requests from County veterinarian clinics. Each clinic is allowed up to $1200 discretionary Angel Fund dollars for use in emergency situations.
  • The Pet Food Pantry: providing families in need with pet food and supplies.  With the COVID-19 shut-down, we delivered pet food and supplies upon request.
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