Spunky and Boo Boo Need a Home by May 16th!

Boo Boo Boo Boo and Spunky 20150424_131055

Our lives have been turned upside down recently. First, our owner died and we have been placed in a terrific foster home. But guess what? Our Foster Mom is moving and we need a home now.

I’m Boo Boo, an orange and white male cat. I’m a  big fluffy boy who likes cuddles, sleeping in laundry baskets, and talking. I talk with my brother Spunky have very in depth conversations and cuddle with each other. When I see a person, I immediately want to head bonk  them  I love belly rubs. I am a big cuddly teddy bear of a cat.

Spunky here, I like to walk around strutting my stuff. I also like to  play and talk up a storm. I like to cuddle up on your lap. I am a sweetheart who only wants to be loved….ooh yeah, I also like tuna!

Please contact Meghan at meghankrase@gmail.com

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